Wednesday, 31 May 2017

After the Debate

As I suspected beforehand, little will have changed as a result of the debate on BBC 1 this evening. I think Jeremy Corbyn by appearing will consolidate what has been a good campaign so far. He used his time well and wasn't 'pushy'. Tim Farron at last was heard and made a good final attack on Theresa May's absence, but otherwise had an absence of punch and of course there is his odd staccato robotic style (although is coherent). Perhaps Amber Rudd ought to be the Tory leader; some of her defences were fairly pathetic. The best of them was probably Caroline Lucas, in that she had clarity and attack and, of course, policy. The SNP leader also did well, with his promotion of Scotland along with how they'd act in the House of Commons. The Plaid Cymru leader was a little out of it. And as for the UKIP leader, he was the nasty joke-turn, full of bluster, but at the end made the simplistic appeal on the basis of being "proved right" - which, of course, is not the case. So I am not changing my analysis as regards my previous entry seen below here.

Corbyn, Jeremy (Labour) B [Restrained, consolidating]
Farron, Tim (Liberal Democrat) C+ [Good at the end]
Lucas, Caroline (Green) A [Expressive]
Nuttall, Paul (UKIP) C [Dislike but bluster gets heard]
Robertson, Angus (Scottish Naional Party) B+ [Solid]
Rudd, Amber D [Defensive]
Wood, Leanne (Plaid Cymru) D+ [Little impact]

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