Thursday, 5 September 2019

Prorogue Him from Calling an Election

Boris Johnson likes playing games, but it would be a laugh a minute if proroguing Parliament denied him the opportunity to call a General Election, given the fortunate situation that calling an election is now under Statute Law. This is what needs to happen with proroguing too, indeed any monarchy based law.

Closing Parliament is serious when it needs to scrutinise the exit goings on of the Government, although we realise there are no proposals going to the European Union. At the same time, it is not a long period to wait before having a General Election.

The only other way to do it would be via a temporary government on the fortnight basis of choosing a person who could command the House of Commons - but this is frustrated by the proroguing, unless, of course, someone is ready to receive a vote of confidence to then kick out Johnson. Trouble is, on such a vote of no confidence to kick off the process, Johnson could instruct his own MPs to vote no confidence in his own government - to go straight to a General Election leaving him in charge and able to change the date of a General Election - breaking another convention.

He cannot be left in charge when Parliament is unable to sit. This is what would happen, in that we don't always have Parliament but we always have a Government. Thus he should be denied a General Election while Parliament is prorogued - hard luck mate. It's your bed so lie on it, as you lie about much else.

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