Saturday 6 October 2007

March Them Down Again

What David Cameron decided to do then was - declare policies and do a good presentation. He didn't much attack. Somehow in British politics doing a good speech qualifies you for running the country. Now let's just see if Gordon Brown and the minnows in cabinet pinch a few, like those on inheritance tax and the like.

Gordon has dithered. What a surprise. He shows that he does spin, that he does announce to the media first rather than parliament, and he shows he is not the competent manager that the spinning was saying earlier on. He shows, without an obvious direction for the future, that he wanted to grab an early five years, but on polling the marginals decided to run for it. No one elected Gordon Brown: the Labour Party did not challenge him, and no one in this country did. Now he is going to have to tough out the decline in the property market, and the fact that our economy is built on private debt. He has not renewed himself, and now stands exposed to an opposition that itself to a gamble on declaring policies and making an attack, and seems to have come off better. Cameron has had a bad three months. Now he might be a little more effective.

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