Sunday, 14 October 2007


A chance to see Elena and talk a bit longer, and have a more civilised journey to a job interview near Portsmouth, means I am missing another of the church's In-Depth Group meeting. So I have provided an apology and short presentation.

I tried to think of spirituality as across religions, though clearly this is based on Christian liturgy:

Spirituality: How Repetition Relates to Change

It is a series of logical steps, whereby an expression that varies only slightly to take account of the self and the environment, done by a group, draws on a historical, history-like or story moment of such significance that it receives a divine quality, and that is then drawn into the individual and the group and, by reinforcement, is effective to produce a new world view, creating a new reality.

In other words, it is relating to something around the theory of liturgy and liturgy being active.

Click on the link above or go to the website and then Learning - Religion - Denominations/ St Mary's Church Barton-upon-Humber (scroll down), In-Depth Group Paper (October)

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