Monday 25 October 2010

Anyone Understand Him?

At the same time that Bishop Alan Wilson blogs about people sleepwalking into a vote for the Covenant, out of some aspect of loyalty and without reasoning about its effects, Rowan Williams has continued his praises for diversity in India including for the Church of South India itself:

"A praying church is one which knows it cannot do everything by itself. A praying church is one which has learnt to trust God. A church must be a questioning church. It must be asking questions about itself. A praying and questioning church must also be a selfless church. It does not exist to protect itself or acknowledge itself," he said.

As a supporter of Unitarianism I could hardly disagree with that sentiment. But is not the central point of the Covenant to acknowledge and protect the so called worldwide Anglican Church, that move Williams wants towards more of a Church?

Oh, by the way, the picture is no one obvious in this story, just me practising with the new software having put a picture to the Windows 98 computer and using a variety of art packages. The picture is Jody (the evangelical ordinand).


Jody Stowell said...

love it! knew it was me before i clicked on it :D

where's the picture from tho?

Ann said...

Rowan means -- it is wonderful that all these other people have diversity but the AC needs to make me pope and the primates the curia

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

It's from a photo of yours on Facebook, with a blonde woman (who looks a little like someone I know). She is wearing blue and you are more purple.