Friday 8 April 2011

In Fact There Were MAYBE (?) Five


This all has to be read in reverse, but in order we had claims of consecration, then a counter-claim that there was no consecration, and now a counter-counter claim with a photograph. I shall here publish relevant bits of the counter claim, then my fingers burnt bit and then the original. From Tia L. Douglass:

Yes I was consecrated and have a photo and witness as such. The photo atached was taken by Subdeacon Graham Suddick. William is now denying it, but I have the signed documents...

[There follows claims about illness and William Ireland apparently removed from active involvement in the Young Rite]

*** was pressurising him to say my consecration wasn't valid. Sorry but it is, my soul is marked and it can not be removed.

So yes I am a Bishop.

Previously I wrote:

Welcome to the world of the Independent Sacramental Movement. The entry made, as shown now further below, was done so after receiving an email and being presented with an under-construction website with a protected .PDF. What constitutes evidence? Short of finding phone numbers and email addresses and ringing up, this - what looked like a correction to four - constitutes a means of evidence.

Hello Rev. Adrian

I have just seen your article on female Catholic Bishops, you can add another to that list as I was consecrated on the 10th February this year and I am currently setting up a church.

More information here, including my linesages.

The site isn't complete yet, but you will find a press statement in the news section.

If you want to know anything else just ask.

Kind regards

++Tia L Douglass

The Church of St. Mary & St. John.

So [I know I am not a Rev. Adrian], having checked the website I took a view that something had happened, and added my knowledge of The Young Rite to this. However, my fingers have been burnt. William G. Ireland denies his involvement, and that is evidence to the contrary. See the comments.

You know I don't include in my lists the Arian Catholic Church that is located in Hessle, only because others in the ISM told me it is unconnected. I mean, I should like the idea of an Arian Catholic Church, and much included is of interest, but not one that claims the first Christian Church in Britain 37 CE and (though I'm having trouble finding this bit) one that has claimed that Jesus's Uncle brought him to England during his missing teenage years. You know, a lot of work went into this and its material seems credible, until you look more carefully. So fantasy is an element of some of these groups.

So we are back to four and sincere apologies.

Previous to that I had written:

Given the nature of these things, you can never be sure, but there was a fourth female bishop consecrated on the 10th February, and so Mhoira Lauer-Patterson is the fifth. So the fourth was and is Bishop Tia L. Douglass.

Presumably the main line of apostolic succession comes through Arnold Harris Mathew, Frederick Samuel Willoughby, James Ingall Wedgwood and Charles Webster Leadbeater, in other words the Liberal Catholic line, and on to John Kersey, Alistair Bate, and finally William Glyn Ireland. Those before her with multiple lines thus give her multiple lines. Her lineages thus range from Liberal Catholic to Old Catholic, Brazilian Catholic through Orthodoxy to Gnostic and Templar lines.

Her ordination was done in such a way to emphasise male and female balance, and her own website news page states:

She is also the Prelate and Archbishop of The Church of St. Mary & St. John, a Celtic/Old Catholic Jurisdiction in the UK and Ireland.

Bishop Douglass has assumed the titular Episcopal seat of Anglezarke where formerly The Knights Hospitallers held land. The Knights Hospitaller, also known as the Order of Hospitallers or simply Hospitallers, were a group attached to the Temple in Jerusalem that was founded by Blessed Gerard around 1023 out of which two major Orders of Chivalry evolved, the Order of the Knights of St. Lazarus and the Order of the Knights of St. John, later to be known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

The Church is modestly called the Church of Mary and St. John, presumably for male and female balance, described as Celtic/ Old Catholic, and she is based at Chorley in Lancashire. It looks like it follows the pattern of the Young Rite, which is to ordain anyone who wants ordaining (see - no need for a Church of England selection conference; those who have been rejected can always go elsewhere) regardless of sexuality, gender, race or status. On a scale of being esoteric, if the LCAC is more esoteric than the OEC, then this is very esoteric and even possibly Gnostic.

Among the various ceremonies throughout the year there are distinctive ones: the Ritual of Air at Candlemas, the Ritual of Earth on 1st May, the Ritual of Fire on 1st August and the Ritual of Water on All Hallows Eve.


Anonymous said...

I believe the alleged consecration of Miss Douglas has been addressed in recent correspondence issued by Bishop Ireland. He affirms repeatedly that no such consecration has occurred. You might do well to check your facts before reporting them.

William G Ireland said...

I the Rt Rev William G Ireland have never consecrated Ms Tia L Douglass to the sacred episcopate.
Any claims to the contary are false.

William G Ireland said...

May I also add that Tia L Douglass claims five lines of apostilic sucession. She claims them all at my hand. Being that no consecration has taken place this would imply she has no lines of appostolic sucession!

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

I am grateful for your correction. I have stepped into a murky world where some people see the need to make false claims. It is why, when these bodies are created, that thy ought to bed in with agreement of legitimacy across their boundaries.

Anonymous said...

The consecration did take place, and can not be undone. Just because William has now changed his mind, does not mean he can undo a consecration. Once a Bishop always a Bishop. Photographic evidence has been provided and a Subdeacon was witness and chaplain at the ceremony.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Well I simply present the counter-claims and the counter-counter-claims.

Anonymous said...

Bishops Kersey, Bate, and Linley with Bishop Ireland have all issued a document affirming that no consecration has taken place.

Douglass has a copy of Bp Ireland's signature from the documents meant to empower her to seek ordination from another Bishop.

So far there has been no scanned or physical evidence provided by Douglass that her claims are genuine.

Contra-wise Bishop William G. Ireland has provided documents evidencing that due to ill health he was unable to ordain this woman to the Diaconate and Priesthood, let alone to the Episcopate.

Interestingly, as a side note, Douglass has historically had involvement with organisations related to the magician Alistar Crowly. The question arising from this is "Would this sort of candidate be likely to procure Episcopal Consecration from any sane bishop?" If the answer is no, and that there was a mental impediment with the Bishop, then likewise traditionally it would be regarded that ordination would not occur.

All very interesting.....especially the lack of documents from Douglass.

William g Ireland said...

Well I believe that the only one who really knows is God and at the judgement the fraudulent party will be held responsible for misleading thouse they have mis-represented facts to.

++Tia said...

Only those present know what happened, and no one can send any document saying it didn't happen when they weren't there to witness it, and seeing as two of the three who were there say it did happen and there is a photograph. This is proof enough already.

And Chris, you might thinking ranting on about AC will put me in a bad light, but seeing as you threatened to but a curse on me and ruin me if I didn't agree to say my consecration wasn't valid, who is the nasty evil person here?

I don't wish you any harm, or anyone else. But you bullying me isn't going to work. I am a Bishop, you know I am, and you running about ranting to everyone isn't going to change that, deal with it.


Anonymous said...

If one looks at the mitre's and position of the characters in the photographs it is clear the lady on the right is "sharper" than the gentleman on the left.

Has the lady been super-imposed on an existing image?

The outlines of each character look unlike normal photographs, perhaps this is an effect of the lighting? Or has the whole image been "photo-shopped" ?

++Tia said...

Yes William and you should heed your words well and stop all this nonsense. You spending all your time worrying about something you no longer have any control over is pointless.

You offered me a gift, I accepted, now you can not take that gift back, sorry.

I do hope you will find peace soon, though I very much doubt you will when surrounded by such negativity.

Anonymous said...

Allegations are being made....but still no evidence provided.

Perhaps Ms.Douglass has not provided evidence because she does not have any?

William G Ireland said...

It comes down to the simple fact that I have not consecrated Ms. Douglass and feel that continued discussion of this matter is inflammatory and serves no greater purpose.
I have no idea why Ms. Douglass is insisting on hitting out at others whom she thinks is involved in this matter who are not. No body has threatened to curse her.
I feel that further discussion will prove fruitless and I challenge Douglass to provide concrete proof of her alleged consecration.

++Tia said...

It comes down the simple fact that you did consecrate me William, and why else would we both be stood there dressed in cope and mitre? I suppose you think I like paying out a small fortune for episcopal wear and having a purple mitre made specially to match my cope, because I like dressing up?

Stop making a complete fool of yourself William.

You might now think you made a mistake consecrating me, since you became ill, but you can't take it back, it is done.

I can assure you though, it wasn't a mistake.

Battersea Boy said...

Look, I'm no expert in forensic photography* and I don't frequent bookmaker's premises, but I'd be prepared to wager a fiver that the woman's face in the so-called photographic evidence has been photo-shopped.

* I'd need to see a higher resolution image to be absolutely sure.

Anonymous said...

Magus Most Rev. Lady Tia L Douglass Bishop of Anglezarke & Titular Abbess of Holyrood BA (Hons) MA, OIO-KHTGP, CSsM&J, YR.

Lady Magus & Grand Prioress of Ordo Infinitus Orbis - Knights Hospitaller Templars. Co-Founder of PanTavern a Spirtual/Pagan Events group. Priest in The Young Rite. Holds at least five easily traceable lines of Apostolic Succession, ranging from Liberal Catholic to Old Catholic, through Orthodoxy to Gnostic and Templar lines. Most Rev. Bishop of the Church of St Mary & St John, a Celtic/Old Catholic Jurisdiction in the UK & Ireland. An executive member of The International Council of Princes.

Comes from a ceremonial magick background having been involved with Golden Dawn & Argentium Astrum.

Professional Hypnotherapist, Psycologist & NLP Practitioner. Photographer and Graphic Designer.

Specialising in Ceremonial Magick, Qabalah and all forms of Ritual Magick both Eastern and Western traditions. Perfume Making, Jewellery Making, Aromatherapy, Sigils, Telepathy and Psychic Ablities.



Rev. Sub-Deacon Graham Suddick OIO-CHT, CSsM&J.
Celticheart Moonstone (Cel),
Eclectic Nature Spirit Witchcraft Practitioner, who has come from a varied Pagan background, including Eclectic Witchcraft, Hedge Witchcraft, and Alexandrian/Traditional Wicca. Interests include; Druidry, Herbalism, Tai Chi, Celtic Mythology, Nature Spiritualism and Earth Cycles. Also a member of Ordo Infinitus Orbis - Knights Hospitaller Templars. Sub-Deacon of the Church of St Mary & St John, a Celtic/Old Catholic Jurisdiction in the UK and Ireland.

Cel is also a Co-founder of PanTavern.


Retrived from tp://

at 20:30hrs 09/04/2011

++Tia said...

Please do not use our copyrighted material.

The above information is © COPYRIGHT TOT 2011. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

A close up pic of the mitre on my head is available on request through the church web site, it was not stuck on after in photoshop, and these accusations are ridiculous.

I realise there are plenty out there who are against female Bishops, and who think anyone into the esoteric side of things is evil. However this is just through ignorance, and most probably envy.

Amusing as it is, this is getting silly now and anyone who wants to contact myself or Graham can do so through the Church web site, or TOT.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I thought the issue wasn't that the "esoteric side of things' as you put it was evil, but rather, judging from correspondence in circulation, that you were not consecrated by William Ireland?

The same correspondence also alerts you to the fact of plagiarism from websites under the ownership of the Bishops issuing the document. In fact they allege to illustrate just how your organisation has breached their copyright.

I doubt anyone will be contacting you via your free weebly website.

Anonymous said...

The document issued by Linley and Kersey illustrates your organisation has breached their copyright.


Anonymous said...

I just checked your site and the picture of you has changed.

I shan't be pursuing this further, as things will probably have changed yet again by the time we speak.

Perhaps you could put as a download a copy of your protocol of election (signed by appropriate bishops and witnesses) and your Instrument of Consecration in pdf form for us all to see?

Or do you have something to hide?

William G. Ireland said...

I believe that the issue is not that you may or may not be involved with essoteric christianity, also it is not an issue of gender, rather it is that you were not consecrated at my hand.
I had hoped to help you, with the only documents I have issued to you being letters of Abnegation etc, but unfortunatly I see that it is not possible.
Wishing you every happiness for the future Rt Rev William G. Ireland.

mikeb said...

this is fun isnt it? and i thought getting through a cofe selection process was hard work. right im off to find a bishop ;)

Anonymous said...

The "Pluralist" is doing a proper service to the genuine Clergy who only wish to serve their flocks as shepherds. Not as some of these so called self inflated egotistic persons professing to be such and such. I am concerned this lady professes to be so many things and carries so many letters after her name. More than the Princess Royal. While on the subject this lady cannot be connected with Holyrood which is in Edinburgh. This is under our Sovereign HM Queen Elizabeth II. If our Lord Chancellor got to see this statement action would be unleashed through the courts. I cannot grasp how one person purports to be Rt. Rev the title for Bishop, as well as Princess! also advertises on her site The Most Rev.... an Archbishop. Or do these people pick these titles from thin air?. Who writes these scripts, may I remind all Morecambe and Wise, Norman Wisdom and most of the Carry on Film Actors are deceased now. Thanks "Pluralist" alerting all to this item and these individuals. As such behaviour is unbecoming of such in Holy Orders. I feel the Part 2 script will follow immediately after this entry I suspect. Giving the genuine Clergy a few more giggles and smiles. I sign Anonymous. Did we not have a few years ago the Worshipful Professor Dr Barry F Peachey saga....that started like this with all his titles. Look what happened to him! Silence and Peace at last. God Forbid not another one of them arising again!
Maybe this will be another BOGOF title, Buy one get one free!

Anonymous said...

I am unsure as to why Tia has the need to explain herself, nor do I understand what she hopes to achieve. A public debate on such an issue, has no value to prove this doubtful act, unless she has an instrument of consecration signed by The Bishop William Ireland.I am shocked at your dramatic outbursts about a "mark on a soul". The point is, you never had the mark.It is clear to me however, that you have no authority to present yourself in this strange manor. Tia this is no professional way to explain your opinion on such week examples.

+ My Prayers and best wishes

Revd said...

Serious clergy usually know that an Abbott is spiritual Lord and an Abbess a spiritual Lady. A Bishop is a spiritual Prince or in this case Princess.

Pope Gregory IX said...

I always understood that the term "Prince of the Church' was referring to the rite to govern and rule in Christ's name, if a Bishop was consecrated 'in jurisdiction'.

Prince here would be gender neuter, like when Elizabeth I reigned. There is no president for using the term 'princess'. In addition, as Bishops act "Episcopus Persona Christe' they are when functioning as Bishops, like Christ and so spiritually gender-less. Let us not forget St. Paul on this point, in Christ there is no male or female.

However, as Bishop William G. Ireland asserts this woman was not consecrated, it could not have occurred 'in jurisdiction' and so she could not use the term 'Prince of the Church' and none of the above applies.

In addition, further evidence of a lack of any form of Jurisdiction, is the fact she puports to have chartered her own Church, of which she is the only Bishop and at the same time Archbishop.

This whole thing would be on a par with me declaring my Cat Supreme Pontiff, as Pope Benedict XIV, sorry Cardinal Ratzinger, didn't assume the full traditional regalia in the traditional manner so I declare the Vatican state as being Sede Vacante.

Now can anyone help in the task of finding a kitty-sized Papal Tiara......

It's all a bit "Jesus goes to toy-town' if you ask me !

Anonymous said...

Rev, I understand The Lady T has found a new order, The Priestess ....

Pope Gregory IX said...

OOO so now there are 10 Orders of the Church now?

Or if you include "Princess of the Church' would that be 11 instead of the usual 9?

I've got no further forward with my Tiara hunt and the cat is Pontificating all over the place....

So I am now contemplating all of this and if I perhaps I should write to Benedict XVI and tell him to get his pension book and leave my new home or not.

I just hope the place doesn't smell of 'Old Man'.....maybe I can pay Tia (having looked at her Theola site) to come "clear" the Vatican for us....though she might have a fight on with the Cat if she thinks she can stick her bum on the Throne first.

This is all getting ridiculous to be honest.

Revd said...

The reason the Christian church is failing and so many are no longer interested in religion is because of outdated sexist attitudes.

Fail, or move with the times.

Women are equal to men and should be able to use the feminine title if they choose to. It harms no one, or maybe only the male egos that need to be more accepting of women in spiritually and in general?

Well done to Bishop Tia for standing up and taking all this, for the sake of women everywhere.

Pope Gregory IX said...

You know what've inspired me....first day in the new and the Cat will issue docs confirming Tia's Martyrdom for womankind. Cat is female...and she assures me her sex is the superior. So we both contest your assertion that men and women are equal. They are different but both should be treated fairly.

You sound like you have issues with men....

Pope Gregory IX said...


The kitty has just chipped in and said our decrees will be infallible, declared ex cathedra in full pontifical regalia.a

Revd said...

Oh I assure you, being male myself, I have no problem with males. I do have a problem with sexist males who try to belittle women to make themselves feel better about their boring and dull life.

Oh well, at least you have your cat to keep you company as you post your hate mail online anonymously. I am sure it is a great comfort to you.

Pope Gregory IX said...

Well Revd....I wasn't wanting that insight into your personal life. But and let live *wink* I'm not prejudiced.

I think the main issue is that we all just want to know the truth and Tia won't show her docs.

All the evidence is stacking up against claims which have been made.

There is no hate mail being posted here, just questions and an attempt to illustrate how ridiculous this all is.

Dominic Winter said...

Rev, Men are not equal to women and women are not equal to men.

They both are not the same. It is true though, that they both should of course be treated the same.They never will be equal as only true balance can be found in God. God is any persons interpretation of divine essence. Mine is Christ The Mother of the world. The true great balance of perfection.

Revd said...

Tia mentions above she can be contacted about this through her site. But as someone above says, Tia doesn't have to prove anything to anyone and has sent the photo and said her piece.

If anyone wants to make anything else of it, they can contact her.

I am not connected to Tia or her church, just someone looking in on a conversation that seems very one sided, because she obviously has better things to do than humor those posting here.

Pope Gregory IX said...

Me and the Cat both think that "Rev" is Tia Douglass writing under a 'nom de plume'.

Rest assured Tia your Martyrdom will be confirmed when we're enthroned....of course as the Cat is dyslexic, so I'll act as Regent for Her.

Still no luck with the Tiara....can anyone help? If not I'll make a papier mache version....

Although it is interesting that on the Theola site they're selling blessing and exorcism....the Cat is worried that possibly Simony is occuring which could be a bar to our decree of Martyrdom.

Currently we're collecting saw-dust and old paper for the white smoke when we get the Casa de Kittie (former known as St. Peters, in Rome) for up the Chimney !

Anonymous said...

Above someone points out that the photograph provided is most likely a photo-shopped creation......

Anonymous said...

I've no him and find out.

Pope Gregory IX said...

The above can be found here:

The Cat has got the bell, book and candle out....pray she doesn't use them !

Pope Gregory IX said...

"service is charged at an hourly rate, plus travel expensives. The charges are for materials required for the ceremony and our time."

that is a quote within copyright limits from the Theola shows clearly they charge for blessing - a clear example of Simony.

The Cat is not impreseed and is talking excommunication.

Paul said...

well that IS simony !

Revd said...

Why not get the quote correct when quoting someone?

"This service is charged at an hourly rate, plus travel expenses. The charges are for materials required for the ceremony and our time only, the charge is not for the blessing or clearing."

The above is copyright Temple of Theola.

Anonymous said...

yERRR Right if its for time then its for the blessing. Sounds like a cop out ! I dont believe a word of it..

Jayne Wood said...

Its still Simony....Christ's blessing should be given freely.

As for that site you've mentioned.....Reiki is a recognised Therapy....not the selling of blessings, nor alleging of being consecrated.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

I have removed two posts, one referring to a person not involved in this controversy, and one making an accusation that is unrelated regarding Tia L. Douglas.

Dominic Winter said...

I couldn't of said it better myself Jayne.

William G. Ireland said...

Revd definately seems to be lashing out just like Tia Douglass was earlier by naming people unconnected to this situation.

It boils back to the fact I didn't consecrate Tia L. Douglass.

I make all decisions relating to ordinations by myself, with no help or in put from others. She can't accept this and that is the purpose of starting this whole mess.

If I had consecrated her....why did write to many other Bishops begging them to go to consecrate her?

Due to this tirade I am going to have to seriously consider taking matters further into my own hands on Monday when my solicitor is back in his office.


Rt. Revd William G. Ireland

Dominic Winter said...

This is an online discussion that many are involved in.

Revd said...

Great William, maybe when are paying your lawyer you can also pay back Tia the money you her owe her for telling her to set up a public event to 'sure up' her consecration in public, then canceling last minute when you found out what a terrible thing it is to consecrate someone twice?

Some people just don't like to take responsibility when they mess up. You are one such person William. You can not change what you did, so don't blame me, or Tia or anyone else for things you have brought on yourself.

You should have never have asked to consecrate her if you didn't want to, but you did and it happened and you can't change that.

Pope Gregory IX said...

There is no proof of alleged consecrations. Pictures which look like they've been photo-shopped are not evidence.

Being a "celtic abbess' Douglass could have been mitred. However,this would not prove her Episcopal status.

So far there are no public documents which prove her legitimacy.

Abbot of Holyrood, Edinburgh said...

Aren't the Golden Dawn and Argentium Astrum organisations which are heavily associated with Alistair Crowly?

I believe they may be "cousins" of the infamous Odo Templi Orientis, known for various rites including consuming blood and semen?

H.H Pope Shenouda III said...

All of this is smoke and mirrors to deflect us from the real issue

Anonymous said...

All Existence is impermanence.....the dying words of the Gautauma Buddha

Maybe Douglass will stop writing under various "nom de plumes"

Anonymous said...

It would seem, studying style and content, Tia Douglass has made the majority of posts here in the last 30 minutes!

Pope Gregory IX said...


The Cat is having kittens over this nonsense.

Pope Gregory IX said...

Now we're gonna need multiple Tiara's....ugh !

Pseudo Magus Knight Templar Abbess Douglasses said...

Will the real Bishop Tia please stand up !

Psuedo Pontiff Douglassess Pope of the North said...

I am totally confused by all this nonsense and want it all to stop.

Sancti Apostoli Petrus et Paulus: de quorum potestate et auctoritate confidimus ipsi intercedant pro nobis ad Dominum.

R/ Amen.

Precibus et meritis beatæ Mariae semper Virginis, beati Michaelis Archangeli, beati Ioannis Baptistæ, et sanctorum Apostolorum Petri et Pauli et omnium Sanctorum misereatur vestri omnipotens Deus; et dimissis omnibus peccatis vestris, perducat vos Iesus Christus ad vitam æternam.

R/ Amen.

Indulgentiam, absolutionem et remissionem omnium peccatorum vestrorum, spatium verae et fructuosae poenitentiæ, cor semper penitens, et emendationem vitae, gratiam et consolationem Sancti Spiritus; et finalem perseverantiam in bonis operibus tribuat vobis omnipotens et misericors Dominus.

R/ Amen.

Et benedictio Dea omnipotentis, Matris et Infantes et Spiritus Sancti descendat super vos et maneat semper.

R/ Amen.

William G Ireland said...

I feel sorry for +Tia, she was consecrated by me and now she can never be consecrated by anyone else because of it.

It would have been nice for her to be consecrated by someone who hadn't lied to her about everything and all kinds.

I just got so upset when she refused to have a relationship with me. I told lie after lie and now I have dug myself so deep I can't see a way out, so continue to lie.

Pseudo Supreme Matriarch and Patriarch of both East and West, North and South, Douglassiensis said...

Come to me all Ye that travail and want ordination or consecration and I'll sell it to you at a knock down price.

Oecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew said...

I think it might have been....I agree with my Brother.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Let's get something clear. All references to people not directly involved are deleted.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Comment moderation has been switched on for the time being. Comments should be considered and to the issue involved. Stop attacking individuals. If you can't wait, don't bother.

Anonymous said...

I understand from Rt Rev Ireland that he visited Tia Douglass on two days in February 2011. Regardless of what did or did not take place I make these points:
a) If he raised her through minoe orders, ordained her as priest, and consecrated her as bishop in that span of time, I personally would not her regard her elevation to bishop as valid.
b) The recent Joint Memorandum and Notice of Abrogation from Ecclesia Apostolica Divinorum Mysteriorum is pretty definitive and, hopefully, will mean that most (if not all) involved clergy can now get on with their respective vocations without having to get further bogged down in this sad and convoluted episode.
c) As rooks return to their rookery at sunset, any fallout will no doubt fall on heads as deemed appropriate @higher Authority.'
Every Blessing to all and sundry.
Rev Moron

Anonymous said...

As an independent female bishop who was consecrated after having been in Holy orders for 15 years, working my way through the traditional 7 stages and having been ordained as a priest in 1999 I am quite frankly horrified by this situation. I was consecrated as a bishop in 2009 because my bishop had died. It was a responsibility which I knew I had to take on - not the fulfilment of personal ambition. At my consecration I was told during the spiritual ceremony that I had now become "a servant of the servants of God". Humility is one of the requirements of this office. I think this is something sadly lacking in this situation. I am also an esotericist, so have no issues with that side of things. However, I do have an issue with misuse of power and self-aggrandisement. Fortunately, we all have to face the mirror of truth eventually and give an account of our actions/thoughts/
motives in the Temple of Maat. Best of luck with that one!

Pope Gregory IX said...

Good News everyone !

The Cat wasn't having kittens after was a bad case of wind.

So back to hunting for just the one kitty-sized Papal Tiara....

On a different is interesting what the last female bishop said. Well done ! I commend you for speaking up, as one of such a small number of bishops who happen to be women. It is good to hear your perspective.

The Cat approves too !

We were thinking she'd take the name Leo XIV on her accession.

Soon to be Supreme Kitty Pontiff Leo XIV said...

"miaow - I approve"


Anonymous said...

Were documents ever evidenced relating to this lady?

I see people have asked for a pdf version, but I can see no trace of it.

I guess this Bishop William Ireland must be correct.

All will be balanced in the Temple of Maat.

++Tia said...

Ok, I come clean.....I do not have documents from +William.

I have been caught in a whirlpool of lies, which I myself have generated, but he shouldn't have refused to consecrate me at the last minute. It has been MOST unfair and cost me a fortune.

It was to have been my wedding day, because I cannot marry anyone else. My life is dedicated to the Divine.

I have treated +Will appallingling and know I will need to make ammends.

I apologise for my outlandish and immature behaviour. I would have apologised in private correspondence, but know that +Will has blocked me.

In addition, as my website shows I do have the skills to edit photographs and design graphics.

Contritely yours,

++ Tia

Pope Gregory IX said...

I have contacted Bp William and he states this was his last comment:

William G. Ireland said...

Revd definately seems to be lashing out just like Tia Douglass was earlier by naming people unconnected to this situation.

It boils back to the fact I didn't consecrate Tia L. Douglass.

I make all decisions relating to ordinations by myself, with no help or in put from others. She can't accept this and that is the purpose of starting this whole mess.

If I had consecrated her....why did write to many other Bishops begging them to go to consecrate her?

Due to this tirade I am going to have to seriously consider taking matters further into my own hands on Monday when my solicitor is back in his office.


Rt. Revd William G. Ireland
10 April 2011 04:06

So it would seem the case is not 'closed' as Douglass has yet to produce actual documentation to evidence her episcopal status.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

I've let through a comment apparently by Tia L. Douglass. If it is not, I shall delete it. Some have been deleted on the grounds that they are no more than attacks.

Really, everything that could have been said on this has been said. It is surely a display of appalling behaviour from people who seek to show they know better.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Ireland has e mailed this to me:

"I believe that the issue is not that Ms. Douglass may or may not be involved with essoteric christianity, also it is not an issue of gender, rather it is that she was not consecrated at my hand.
I had hoped to help her, with the only documents I have issued to her being letters of Abnegation etc, but unfortunatly I see that it is not possible.

If she has the documents she claims, then I would hope she would be willing to produce them in response to the many requests for them.

Rev William G. Ireland."

Anonymous said...

For all those who tred the holy path of light,we must remember and face all our imperfections daily, we must remember we are the servants of the one light.
"Thy Will Be Done,Not mine".

Anonymous said...

As I understand Tia had asked many Bishops to consecrate her. This so called pictured "evidence" serves no purpose and has no use. As many continue to ask for documentation from the alleged consecration, we now see she had no document and that infact she has lied. Tia holds NO authority in episcopal title in any way.

Jesus is the Sun said...

Why haven't the above comments been removed? As they weren't posted by Tia. That much is obvious. Seeing as you say under them that you will remove any that are false?

Bp LB said...

Maybe the anonymous person above should get their facts straight before attacking someone without knowing the full details?

It clearly states above that if anyone wants to know anything more about the situation to make contact through the church site.

How many Bishops publish their instrument of consecration online for all to see? I would guess not many.

So stop moaning about it and making false statements when you have no facts.

No one has to prove anything to anyone on this site, it is just a blog.

Anonymous said...

As stated above, the false posts pertaining to be from Tia, have not been removed, which I feel to be grossly unfair as you have stated on more than one occasion you will remove them.... or maybe it is simply the fact that the editor of this blog is somehow connected with this affair?

Rev. Steven said...

Having only just come to this debate!!!! If that’s what you wish to call it. I am utterly appalled at the shear childishness of some of the people posting here, you are supposed to be people of the church and yet you act like spoiled children, who have been told you can't have a sweet. You do such a disservice to both God & the Church, we should at this time be working together to help each other and those less fortunate, not fighting amongst our selves.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Telling the false from real is rather difficult, but if not difficult then they stand as their own testimony to the level of behaviour involved. I have no involvement with either side; I have an interest in 'High Church Liberalism' and its forms.

Andy said...

The whole issue surrounding
Tia L. Douglass alleged consecration is a puzzle. If William agreed to consecrate the woman and changed his mind before he lay hands on her then thats fine. The woman would have every right to be angery but should look else where. If she has used photoshop to give the impression she was consecrated by William then that is out of order. Bishops have been known to regret consecrating an other bishop as they sometimes have a falling out.If it turns out she has lied then no bishop or clergy should ever have any thing to do with her.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

I am now closing comments. They all need to come through me, and any posted to here will be blocked. Everyone has had their say and there is no more to be said.