Thursday, 14 April 2011

Short Wait

These would be and indeed are my questions. The comments won't allow the length of answers required, though anyone might want to comment on only one or two. They are relevant to Unitarians but extendible. Anyone who sends a (sensible) full set of answers to me by email will get them published, and I will provide my own answers shortly.

  1. Can you give a brief outline of your understanding the main points of the history of Unitarianism/ your Church [by 'Church' is meant denomination]?
  2. What is your own biography relevant to intersecting with the Church?
  3. How would you describe its theological spread now?
  4. Where do you fit regarding its theological spread now?
  5. How does the church you attend fit in with the span of belief of your Church?
  6. Would a different church relate better to you as an individual?
  7. How do you benefit socially from being involved with the Church?
  8. What is your Church's 'gospel', do you think?
  9. How would you describe 'faith' and 'salvation'?
  10. How does the Church in its structures and congregations relate to diversity and equality?
  11. What can be done to halt decline and develop growth, either structurally or by individual actions?
  12. How does Unitarianism/ the faith affect daily decision making?
  13. What sorts of things do Unitarians/ people of the Church say or assume that you disagree with particularly?
  14. How do you regard any of these: Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Passover, Diwali, Buddha's Enlightenment, Ramadan/ Eid, Samain? Do any other celebrations impact?
  15. What connections have you had/ do you have with people of different religions? What would you like?
  16. Are there any customs or beliefs you particularly dislike and reject?
  17. Is this approach to faith too easy or too difficult to follow (or something of both)?
  18. Does your approach to faith clash with science and/ or social science?
  19. Is there any sense in which the Church's approach to faith is counter-cultural and subversive, or is it just culturally subservient?
  20. What might cause you to leave the Church (and either move to another, or stop religious practice altogether) and, at present, is this at all likely to happen?

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