Sunday, 24 February 2013

Deep Scandals

Oh dear. The Pope resigns and a whole load of allegations swirl around in Scotland and to the Vatican about senior clerics covering up not only the abuse of boys by priests, girls in laundries treated with cruelty, but priests in training given the once-over by more senior colleagues. Perhaps that's why he resigned: he realised the system was rotten to the core and needs someone with the energy to clean up the mess.

Meanwhile, over to those Liberal Democrats again. I care less about scandal than I do seeing Steve Webb trying to justify the Bedroom Tax. Swear words and violent-like responses well up. But how is that a senior woman close to Nick Clegg 'took action' regarding all these allegations and yet Nick Clegg knew nothing about them? A case of the Pope being the last person to know what is going on?

Anyway, bye bye Pope and good riddance, and hopefully one might say the same too of Nick Clegg and a good number of others called Liberal Democrat.

Update: Ah. So the answer to my question is that Nick Clegg now says he did know, but only sort of, and Danny Alexander did approach the accused to warn him about his behaviour. But there was never anything specific. Clegg blathers on about people seeking to damage the reputation of the Liberal Democrats. Yeah, don't worry on that score, mate - it's the stand on your head policies that have damaged the reputation of the Liberal Democrats. Lies and being misled at the election.

In the pub friends referred to an uncomfortable looking (a body language that contradicted his words) Vince Cable giving the denials that Nick Clegg knew. I likened the Liberal Democrats to being like some family - they all know each other - so they go to conference and it's like, for some, seek out some nookie time, but some don't know how to observe the boundaries. Now they are in power it suddenly matters. Friends said, rather, think of Prescott and his secretary, and that often it is men of power who put themselves about and the woman who thinks she finds a means to climb the ladder (and some who don't).

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