Sunday 10 February 2013

Vicious Government Against Family Life

The movement against is growing. This attack on the poorest must be challenged in the courts: it denies such people a family life because separated parents cannot call and stay, children in extended families cannot stay, partners including married couples cannot have separate rooms when one has a medical condition, carers cannot stay. It stands against basic human rights. It is a vicious discriminatory 'tax' on the least who can afford it, and never has anything as bad as this been pressed upon the population since the workhouse. It is forcing people with nowhere to go to move, and is disrupting lives, and comes on top of having to pay towards council tax when the very same people cannot afford that. At the same time millionaires are getting a tax cut. This is the policy of a Liberal Democrat and Conservative government and both parties need putting out of government for good at the earliest opportunity.

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