Wednesday 13 March 2013

Poor Old Chap Elected CEO

That was absolutely priceless. I was watching Channel 4 News and on came the new Pope, looking stunned, and so described by Jon Snow as a "poor old chap". I nearly fell off the settee in laughter. I was stunned if only because I cannot understand the people in the crowd who think this has any importance.

So he takes a new name, Francis, does someone whom Arkwright would call "Ber ber ber goglio, Granville," should he ever enter the corner shop.

He's seventy six already. Best of luck. If I get to 76 I'll be relatively pleased but I wouldn't want to become a Chief Executive Officer at that age. Whether he can clear out the scandals and the mess we shall have to see. Oh, and the Falkland Islanders weren't involved in his election.

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Kenneth Robertson said...

Give the chap a break ! At 76 he is the same age as Nelson Mandela when he became President of South Africa . People in religious orders tend to have greater longevity than the secular clergy so he could be around for a time yet. For those of us in our 'bus pass years' there is some encouragement in seeing someone being considered to have a contribution to make in our later years. A lady in London has just started a masters degree at Birkbeck, aged 88! Take care of yourself ,Adrian, the best may yet be ahead of you !