Monday, 4 February 2008

Local Activity

My intercessions for Sunday 3 February can be read on the website; my painting was used that day too for the presentation of Jesus at the Temple (to accompany an address from the pulpit) - but I did not photograph it and cannot show it as yet. I've also added a sermon from the kick off of Advent from last year at the same Church from the boss (illustrated). It is about justice.

The main website shows Learning that leads to Religion but the worshipful material like the above is in the Spiritual area (top menu). Both Learning and Spiritual have drop down boxes on the main home pages for quicker access. Anglican Worship (scroll down the left menu after selecting Spiritual) has its own section in Spiritual and as well as examples there (scroll down on the right hand page in Anglican Worship) from actual Barton worship the specific link for Barton goes on to show much in the way of regular worship information there and there are connections through to the St Mary's Barton-upon-Humber website.

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