Thursday, 7 February 2008

Wobbling to Jordan

Just the briefest note in case some are missing this (Ms Gledhill again): GAFCON may be meeting in Amman, Jordan, rather than Jerusalem, for the bit where they have the resolutions, before nipping down to Jerusalem for a walk. It is a climb-down and possibly a wise move too if they don't want to keep alienating others in the Global South and adding to Palestinian-Israeli and Christian-Muslim strife. We shall see, of course, after all Archbishop Akinola said no one is going to interfere with the freedom of Africans to decide where they are going to stomp around:

He stressed that liberty was important for Africa and that he could not allow anyone to tell his community what to do and to say.

Sounds like they have thought about the matter, down in the politburo of GAFCON. Either that or they couldn't find a hotel at short notice.

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