Thursday, 21 February 2008

Resurrection Discussion

On Wednesday 20 February the In Depth Group (of St Mary's, Barton-upon-Humber) met to discuss Resurrection. It was based a little around the chapter called 'Thinking about Easter' in Tony Windross's book called The Thoughtful Guide to Faith published in 2004 by O Books of Ropley, Hampshire. There will be a further discussion of resurrection, brought forward so that it falls within the season.

The memory of the discussion is mine and is part of my website. There is only limited reporting of others' expressed views, in so far as they relate to mine, and no connection is made between others' views (that is, to track them as coming from the same person). The page is an update as it first contained my submitted paper only. It now follows the discussion on that webpage.

The webpage can be found at Learning - Religion - Denominations (scroll down) - In-Depth Group Discussion and Paper (February 2008) .

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