Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Andrew Goddard's Scalp

Andrew Goddard ought to be praised where it is due, and it is in that GAFCON has removed the comparison it made between what it called the Nassau Draft and the St Andrew's Draft of the intended Covenant. As a result of his forensic checking, the GAFCON theological resource team (whatever that is) has withdraw its lousy work.

However, they have kept their criticism of the St Andrew's Draft in the standalone sense (where my first reporting came from). What GAFCON should have done was state that they favoured the document before the Nassau Draft, which so many of them seemed to have signed. After all, it is up to them how they define their new institutional arrangements by which they will govern the groups that decide to leave their parishes and dioceses and join up with them.

Obviously I was wrong. I thought they knew what they were doing. They didn't. Either that, or they thought they could slip this past everyone. Too many are anoraks of detail for that to happen. That GAFCON has this short relationship with the truth is shown in another context by Mark Harris at Preludium.

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