Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Don't Look Now

I did have a chuckle when I saw the image on the television. In all my drawing and cartooning of a certain very white haired bearded and holy person of multiple expressions, I had no idea that such could just double up in some quarters (but I would hope not) for a certain, ahem, person suspected of atrocious war crimes and crimes against humanity - a Radovan Karadzic, as he developed his disguise to live in Belgrade for so long...

I can see the Private Eye style comparison now. Williams - Karadzic. Such is the twisted humour of life; such are the risks of developing and maintaining an iconic image as does the Archbishop of Canterbury - and a theft of such a 'holy man' image by the likes of Karadzic in order to keep himself from arrest and develop some sort of alternative therapy existence in Belgrade.

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Doorman-Priest said...

Very sharp, Adrian. Very sharp.