Sunday, 20 July 2008

Bishop Wright Confused

Lambeth 2008 must be working because Bishop Tom Wright is quoted in the as saying:

"There's a sense that we're all not quite sure where this is going. That's the mood of the conference. It is gloriously confusing at the moment and slightly worrying in that one has no idea what's actually going on."

That's as intended! It is doing its job! Also he has done the maths and tells us that the Indaba groups are not indaba:

"It's impossible to see how this is likely to play out," said Bishop Wright. "It'll be 40 people around a table for two hours. Three minutes each and that's your two hours gone."

He has a point. My criticism of the indaba concept as used here has been that indaba is about an in-depth thrashing out and comes to an everyone-affected-by-the-argument resolution. The latter bit is chopped off in the Lambeth 2008 version. But Bishop Wright is pointing out that 40 people into two hours ain't in depth either.

Mind, this loyal friend of the Archbishop does seem to fail to understand that a loyal friend might shut up for a while and let the boss facilitate the show - unless Bishop Wright is trying to provoke a revolt in the ranks to lead to resolutions being passed. After all we have only been at the retreat stage: gosh he does get his criticisms in early...

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