Friday, 11 July 2008

Briefly, They're Not?

Uganda's Leading Website a day later has "clarified":

reports that the bishop had told Christians at Kitunga in Ntungamo district that he feared for his life over his anti-gay stance.

Now gays are not planning to kill Henry Luke Orombi and he does not fear for his life. Presumably now he wears his clerical collar too, not being in fear.

It has used its 'In brief' section, probably to hide its embarrassment. Yet, instead, it's worse for all of us; everyone ought to be worried:

Orombi noted that gays were not only in the church, but were a big movement and some of them were drug addicts, who could kill anybody.

The "who could kill anybody" presumably now refers to drug addicts, and some gay people are drug addicts. All sorts of people are drug addicts, so what's Orombi's point (other than, even more obviously from this, homophobia)?

Now the reporter alongside Orombi who presumably transmitted his original words had better wash his ears out, because he (or she - well gender equality may be an issue) is clearly suffering from wrong words syndrome. Either that, or Orombi is a liar and a bullshitter rolled into one.

If there was no reporter then Uganda's Leading Website ought to send its staff to some tabloid (and not so tabloid) newspapers in London and find out how to do misrepresentation properly and as an art form.
Talking of which, it's another opportunity to try to draw the man this time using a program called Artrage, which is very suitable for the said bishop.


dmk said...

maybe they were planning to kiss him, but someone jiggled the page as they were writing the note and the ss's came out straighter than they should have.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

I agree! When I hear about the Italians and gypsies and the Nigerians/ Ugandans about homosexuals, I think we are in deep trouble, especially if the massive levels of private and public debt transfer themselves into a burst bubble of finance and cause worldwide economic depression...