Saturday, 26 July 2008

Asylum Granted to Davis Mac-Iyalla

Yesterday I received news that a tearful and joyful Davis Mac-Iyalla, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria, had been granted asylum. This is very good news for Davis Mac-Iyalla and praise to the Home Office for granting asylum.

Davis Mac-Iyalla (pictured with Colin Coward) is high profile because of his position. He received and was constantly threatened with violence. Of course he is made safe now, but leaves behind those he served and were less high profile, though known to the various thugs who use Christian language in their intimidation of gay people.

What does this mean? These are my thoughts only.

  1. It is a condemnation of the regime in Nigeria and its underlying violence towards these minorities.
  2. It is a condemnation of the Anglican Church in Nigeria and its apology for the Nigerian regime.
  3. It means we should have little to do with such a Church until it changes its ways: as they say, it ought to repent and seek forgivenness.
  4. It is also a condemnation of Anglicanism worldwide and at Lambeth that it thinks that the opinion of these Churches - homophobic Churches - like the Nigerian should be in some way a measurement of orthodoxy, and that this is driving the current movement towards a Covenant and even a Commission for Faith and Order.

The Nigerian Church and some of its worst allies have decided to separate. This may be no bad thing. Now can we stop trying to kow-tow to these and others like them in how we regard what is legitimate within faith?


Erika Baker said...

you point out that Davis is now safe, but the many like him still living in Nigeria (or Kenya, or Sudan, or.....) aren't.

What worries me most about the African churches splitting off from the Anglican Communion is that it may well reduce our ability to reach those people and to help keep them safe.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

I realise this but state to state relations are a way of handling safety.

We will soon have 'a province of GAFCON' - I would want to emphasise that these Churches that make of GAFCON have walked and it seems they are still walking.

nlnh said...

Be sure to read the comments on Gledhill's blog entry about this story.

Ugly stuff, even by the abysmal standards of the "orthodox."