Thursday, 2 June 2011

Archbishop Describes Archbishop Qualities

Asked which Shakespearean character he found most compelling, Dr Williams chose Macbeth, but quickly added the caveat: "That's not to say I identify with him, because you don't really want a serial killer as the Archbishop of Canterbury."

No, but you might have one that shouts and makes people cry, or leaks documents and makes the enquiry a secret, while Yorkie goes around blaming an innoncent party.

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Lay Anglicana said...

Does the Archbishop not know it is extremely bad luck to mention 'The Scottish play' or its eponymous hero? You will never catch an actor doing this. Of course, it may indicate that with his celestial connections, the ABC does not think he needs luck as well. Maybe he does not believe in bad luck - but it could be said his recent career proves him wrong...