Sunday, 5 June 2011

Can't Satisfy all of the People all of the Time

It matters that, whatever the subject matter, the service is well presented and it was very well presented today - indeed one that many a service taker might follow regarding diction, pace and spaces. The topic covered matters heard before about the King James Bible with a bit extra about the service taker's attendance at a Bible course at Luther King House and contrasting the optional nature of the Bible among Unitarians with that of others and their applications. I'm one that does not hold the Bible as normative and seek inspiration anywhere according to what it offers. This is what individualism means and the more liberal strand of postmodernism.

As for the music, I can't win. A fortnight ago a hymn with a choir was too slow, this time a hymn (without a choir) was too fast. The out music, Egg's Fugue in D Minor, seemed to jolt a few people. As Prog-Rock goes, it is the most gentle of pieces and closes to the classical. Last week a chap said the music was a dirge and he wondered when it would end (it wasn't long). Still, our service taker was impressed with the system and it is as good as having an organ player, piano player, band, orchestra, soloists... so long as the music leads the pace.

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