Saturday, 4 June 2011

No Hymns

I'll be honest. The reason I'm not uploading any hymns this week is I don't like the appearance of the service. We've done 400 years of the KJV Bible before, and on the surface I don't like the traditionalist Unitarian theme with these hymns. I could be wrong and hope I am wrong. I've still done a CD (which is twice - back up and I run two at once) and I've done it to theme (so I added Psalm 148 as meditation music) but also tried to add a little modernity here and there in the surrounding music. For me, Unitarianism should be about being post-Christian: Christian liberalism is well served elsewhere and this isn't very liberal but sounds ancient.

One of the difficulties in having so many outside presenters, and those who haven't done a service before in Hull, is that they have to make assumptions about a congregation, and if this is so here then it is I suggest off the mark. If it is playing safe, then it is not playing safe. The Unitarian denomination is weak, but I can't see this kind of service aiding recovery. Also none of the hymns have Unitarian choir support, and the only one that is so marked is actually a solo with which is easier to sing along.

4. Hl 077 Dominus Regit Me piano [Our Parents' Faith]
5. HL 066 Crimond choir [The Lord's My Shepherd]
7. HL 063 Buckland alt [Holy Spirit, Truth Divine]
9. HL 075 Austria [God of Ages and of Nations]

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