Monday, 13 June 2011

Trip to York

I am still somewhat distracted by computer restoration matters, puzzled as to why my drawing tablet knocks out my mouse (it didn't before). So this report is brief.

I was disappointed about the trip to York Unitarians. To me the place was not as busy as believed, although it has a complete age range. I was disappointed too about the service: I agreed with a comment from someone that it was too much "happy families" and, for me, it lacked ballast. Still, I did get to meet Celia Midgley, herself with John travelled from Skipton, who has a memory better than mine for past conversations. They were important pastoral supporters of mine while I was at Unitarian College. John and her had a strong negative response to my discovery back then of the Free Catholic experiment, that it was an aberration in Unitarian history. So I had brief news of that form of religious life resurfacing in this part of the world. The demand to go off to a local pub for lunch cut into the opportunity to have conversation, and personally I'd rather have stayed in the church and spoken to people we had the opportunity to meet. Then it rained so we just returned to Hull.

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