Monday, 13 June 2011

Gay Times Go

Just a note here that I have written and sent off my piece to the Gay Times, of a difficult to contract down to some 630 words, on why the Archbishop of Canterbury should resign over the his impact on the gay issue in the Church of England. Well, I could put it here now, but I won't, other than to say he should be pushed before it is too late. It compares the Archbishop to an American President and the power to persuade, and illustrates some of his demonstrated political skills, his ethical reversal from before Rowan Williams's "job" and why the Covenant is really the final battle for liberals, social or theological, within the Church of England. Once it is through, the issue is frozen, as is the Church of England, and my short piece even explains why. If I had more space I would say he has been the most disastrous Archbishop this Church has suffered in a number of centuries.

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