Thursday 14 May 2009

Measure of Success

Changing Attitude is very positive about the outcome of the Anglican Consultative Council in Jamaica, but let's read partof the commentary carefully:

They will return to their Provinces with new vision and energy for the future of the Communion and I rejoice in that on behalf of Changing Attitude. It will help to strengthen bonds of affection between LGBT people across the Communion as we continue to endure resistance to our full inclusion and restrictions imposed by Provinces obeying the moratoria.

Whilst I agree that the outcome is more positive for LGBT people than what was planned by GAFCON and Anglican Communion Institute, for example, who have been somewhat shifted to the side, isn't the official idea and a measure of 'success' that provinces should obey the moratoria?

The passage quoted is like saying: 'Tremendous success, the ACC failed in some of its members intentions!'

Indeed, a really good outcome is one that weakens and makes the Covenant useless (in that the Covenant is the advancement of religious bureaucracy over people being called to sacrifice themselves in its interests). But the leadership was attempting to pass the Covenant and to have Section 4 present, if delayed. We think.

It puts into another context the idea of "glorious failure" referred to by Rowan Williams in his Presidential Address. One could say: "It was a glorious failure, well done: the Covenant was weakened some more."

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