Sunday, 28 June 2009


Rev. Julian Mann is in a stink about what the British State will do to the Bible, quoting a passage out of context that will apparently offend named groups.

He ends with this:

It is after all the Word of the King of kings and Lord of lords they are tampering with.

Calm down that ordained Reform member! No one is tampering with anything. No one will, or call for it, because it's your narrow interpretation anyway.

This is typical tabloid style writing: set up a straw man type argument, usually along 'Disgusted of Bonkerstown' lines, and then even claim it is already happening. Expect such from the coming FCA as well, as Julian Mann is part of the Anglican Mainstream team and his post is reproduced there too.

Crank up the sense of persecution!


Brad Evans said...

Are they planning "The Revised Chav Version"?
Leave it in the original languages-if you really want to read it, get busy and learn Greek and Hebrew. And leave the rest of us alone.

Lynn said...

Oh, how silly, and what a scare tactic. I suppose if all else fails, one could order an "uncensored" Bible fromthe USA Amazon site. Perhaps they can cover it with plain brown wrapping paper to make it look mysterious.

Erika Baker said...

Don't you know that Jesus spoke King James English? Not only when he wrote the bible, but also when he dictated the prayer book.

'Disgusted of Bonkerstown said...

Ah! You sussed me.