Friday, 19 June 2009

When Is He Going?

The stupidity of 'Gordon Bennett' Brown's attempts at populism now knows no bounds. He says that because of Twitter (a rather pointless 'what I am doing' communication method, there could be no more Rwandas. This is yet another attempt of the dour politician to appear 'with it' and another embarrassment all around. He is thinking about Iran, but Twitter regarding Iran is a desperate attempt to get information out, and is being compromised by Iranian security, while the State clamps down on the Internet through more filtering.

Since 'Gordon Bennett' won his little politburo - that is, the cabinet - victory, and said he would change, he has introduced an enquiry over the Iraq War that would meet in private and has been condemned by connected people to the issue, thus leading to a limited U-turn towards some public hearings by choice of the Inquiry, and he has presided over comprehensively censored expenses information that would not have led to revelations that were made with the Daily Telegraph. Even the evil 'Come and Maim Me' in Iran is using the expenses claims to imply Britain is stirring up the opposition in Iran, prior to some real repression being installed and the happy puppet 'Ah My Dinner Jacket' doing much of the dirty work.

Gordon Brown continues to state that capital spending and current spending will continue to rise in the coming years under Labour, and that the Tories will cut by a stated "ten per cent" - but the stronger Chancellor 'Hello Darling' (as a result of keeping Brown in office) says that spending peaks this year and then everyone will feel the pinch. So no one believes Gordon Bennett Brown on this matter either, just as they never did about ten minutes after a budget speech when the details were examined (as with the 10p tax debacle).

Well Labour is stuck with Gordon now. Or is it? Surely when the conference season arrives, and the time between a new leader getting his or her feet under the desk and a required General Election are about the same, there can be a proper coup to at least present the public with who the next leader of the Labour Party will be. Gordon Brown received the voters' verdict but his trump card was the severity of a verdict - no election now - but one is coming and then it is better with someone different at the helm.

If he held the party's interests first, he would resign and make way for someone different and avoid the need for a coup.

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