Monday, 17 August 2009

New Knife Twists

So what do you do once you've dragged the perceived favourite sufficiently into the mud to knock him out? You of course smile a lot and show that you are really a good person, giving the smiles to all who visit and acknowledge your position. But everyone knows the smiles are conditional.

It is the equivalent of the King saying, "kiss my ring," and smiling on his subjects as they do. It is all positivity, like a new benevolent King appears that you would vote for. But soon the King has to spread fear again.

In a drunken night Bea Hamill notices how another favoured character, a drunken Charlie Drummond, is challenged by Rodrigo Lopez involving his loss of temper (again) knocking the shine off him. So next night she stirs up Charlie Drummond, having already moved to sleep alongside him, to risk more night time troubles and irritate Rodrigo again and drag Charlie and him down - but in a twist Charlie sprays some water from his mouth at Bea Hamill and she responds directly to him with menaces. Notice how others look on with some puzzlement at what she is doing, disturbing the night after the previous bad night.

Yet originally she wanted the bed near Siavash Sabbaghpour, and she probably identifies him as someone who needs dirtying, as he is keeping clear of controversies, and keeping clear of her (as is Marcus Atkin - he more by sharp responses).

All from The Machiavellian guide to Recruitment (I made that up). Meanwhile, meglamania is the basis of fancying one of the voices in the production team, thus taking on the whole institution by isolating out one of the voices.

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