Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Best Chance has Gone

I think the Unitarians should consider setting up an ordinariate where Anglicans can pursue some sort of equal basis of authority. Progressive Anglicans might also reform on other matters too.

This really does take away all ambiguity: the Church of England represents prejudice from top to bottom. It lacks social credibility and connection.

This was the best chance it had to gain women bishops. The next time it comes up the same sorts of people will say no, and they will represent the greater portion not less. People of talent will go elsewhere. The Conservative Evangelicals are only going to get stronger as the Church gets smaller and disconnected.

Women, like gay people, have a right to feel utterly frustrated. You are not properly represented in that Church, and ethically you should get out. Frankly, this applies as much to men as women, gay, straight and in whatever varieties we have.

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