Friday, 21 February 2014

Twenty Three Too Many

Anglican, Methodist and Quaker leaders have condemned the situation where people are having to go to foodbanks: the welfare system isn't working; the new Cardinal reflected the same earlier.

Nick Clegg in all his political sensitivity blames dole officials for landing people without sufficient money. How pathetic. If the Liberal Democrats had any moral and ethical sense left they'd chuck him out of their leadership. Cameron meanwhile surprises no one in saying the welfare reforms are some sort of moral campaign. Well, his a Tory. What do you expect? He's an airhead Tory who appears to be concerned, like with the floods, but it's all publicity and friends to him.

But the Liberal Democrats are turncoats, who deceived the electorate. Polls suggest they will have 23 MPs after the next election. That's 23 too many for me. I hope the good people of Sheffield kick out Clegg. It's all he deserves. No doubt, like Blair, he'll go on the make millions and we'll all see what a scheister he has been in his recent political life. I hope he isn't one of the twenty three, if it's as many as twenty three.

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