Friday, 1 April 2011

Down at the Unitarians

Sometimes I wish the car park could be clogged up on a Sunday morning as it can be on a Friday morning at the Unitarian church, but then the social element of the Friday morning is its own ministry.

While there I said to one Unitarian, that according to my blog I am now an evangelical Christian and have been blessed by the Holy Spirit. "Well good for you!" was the daft answer. I said I'd written that I'd have to worship in an evangelical church and would hand over all the music files and show how to make them.

For the record, although I did see Barrie on the street some weeks back I do not remember a Rachel from the Anglican evangelical group that I researched, and therefore there was no Rachel to take me to the done-up media Church that is the Pentecostal one in Hull. I only chose the name Rachel because of the Rachel who had an online chat with me and paused to pray for the Holy Spirit to descend on me.

It took less than an hour for a comment to come from an unknown reader in Canada (still on March 31 there) to strongly speculate that this was April Fool, and this person follows my blog.

I did think of a further April Fool but chose not to do it, and it was linked to a cartoon; one connected to Madpriest's New Year resolutions was enough. Perhaps next year I could revert to a speech from Rowan Williams. The obvious one for today would have been about what the dioceses think they are doing. I shall have to leave such thoughts to Rowanov Treetri in a parallel universe. I only allow myself to lie through my teeth on this day in the year.


Rachel Marszalek said...

...gutted...thought Jesus had won

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

You're on a different planet Rachel, or I am. I told you before. This 'Jesus had won' is historical nonsense.