Sunday, 10 April 2011


Here is a more general point I wish to make. The people at the church I attend are not my friends, but we can be friendly and also this is the space to affirm the value of each and every one of us, both in what we do and who we are. If we are going to criticise, we do it as positively as possible.

If we are fortunate enough to have a job, then we must respect the skills and experience of the people around us, and what they bring (even the new people). We should not insult what they do and who they are.

None of this is easy, especially if we have strong opinions.

The same is true on this, and surely any other blog. There is an art to being rude, if you want to be rude, and it involves some irony and humour. I have had to delete many comments and I'm not even sure about a number left on. Vigour in debate cannot be an excuse for attacks on what people do and who they are, even if we regard them with our own negativity.

That's all, and from someone who often can't meet his own standards. I'll try with the moderation switched off again, so people can make instant comments and respond with some affection, please, for the humanity we all share.

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Anonymous said...

I am bemused by this whole business. I have read the pages and comments and linked sites. But all it has left me with is a sense of confusion as to the motivation for a claim to episcopal ordination/non-ordination. I can't begin to think how a misunderstanding such as this could happen; though I can understand why a bishop might change his mind before or after the event.