Sunday, 17 April 2011


The service today by Stephen ignored Palm Sunday and instead discussed the experience for children and adults of going to Hucklow Junior Weekend, where children scattered about the country meet up and enjoy a few nights away. I can't understand why people from this side of the Pennines travel there through Sheffield, first going with "Sat Nag" Mel, said Stephen, and another time with a Sat Nav that directed through narrow roads after the grind of the city. I go straight down the M1, up the A617 dual carriageway, it is one road through Chesterfield andout, up the hill, and down, and up, and turn right for Foolow and Hucklow. One hour and 50 minutes all the way from Hull.

Despite messing about today, humoured into doing another cartoon and on to Facebook, I am going to lay off the frequency of blogging because I am doing the Easter Sunday service. Er, yes, and no I don't believe in the resurrection: not in any Jesus sense. I did do a practice sermon a while back, but this may well change. We Unitarian folk write the whole service out. I don't even like using other people's prayers, except as guides for rewriting. What I might do, though, is post bits as I go along.

Meanwhile there is a potentially exciting development taking place, behind the scenes at the moment, which might have more potential than a simple 'interfaith' or (to use a phrase) 'cross-denomination' service later in the year. I am saying nothing at large yet, but this will be a publicity-drawing thing (on both sides I don't doubt) and may even have longer term relationship consequences and could contribute to development on both sides. This will therefore be something itself of some preparation, later in the year. It may also get to involve more than one Unitarian congregation.

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