Thursday, 28 April 2011

Genetic Dilution

I find the whole Royal Wedding business tedious. Even the television promotion of it is driving me nuts. I'm a republican: leaders of states are to be elected, and better still, removed, by voting.

However, this one time and now to be many times fashion show lass with the long neck: she's just been confirmed, C of E, in the nick of time. Yup, Trinity, virginal conception, body alive after it's dead, the lot. Let's go up the tree, back in time, stage by stage. Her dad was married C of E and his dad was married C of E. But his mum was married Unitarian at Leeds. Her dad had a middle name of Martineau, and that's a good Unitarian name. His mum married Unitarian at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and her mum Liz was sister of Harriet and James the theologian and liturgist. Liz's dad was baptised at Norwich English Presbyterians. The English Presbyterians, once Puritans, are forebears of the Unitarians. In fact Norwich now has an octagonal chapel and the first Unitarian chapel in Hull was octagonal as well. Names and what they did are all given elsewhere.


Grandmère Mimi said...

In our newspaper this morning, four local designers of bridal gowns went to the trouble of drawing pictures of their ideal designs for the royal bride - gowns that very likely will never be made and never be worn.

I'd never noticed that Kate had a long neck until you called it to my attention. I suppose if you draw, you take note of such features.

So the bride comes from a line of dissenters. Will she vow to obey William?

Erika Baker said...

she won't.
William's mother already didn't. I don't know anyone who still does.

Erika Baker said...

" Yup, Trinity, virginal conception, body alive after it's dead, the lot."

And you know that how?

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

When you are confirmed, you assent to the beliefs of the religion. Join in, say yes, you confirm them, they confirm you.

Erika Baker said...

But you know better than anyone that very few people affirm everything as a literal belief.
I don't understand why you insist that this is what happens.

Did you really affirm all these as literal truths when you were confirmed?