Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Service

So here is my Easter service, and the complete version including the hymns this time. It can also be accessed through my website at the Spiritual - Unitarian page. Actually my own print out is without the hymns (I like to save ink) and a few minor errors are corrected here. It is a .PDF file, so you might need a program like the free PDF X-Change to see it (and to write anything over it that takes your fancy). The text reflects in part the use of the sound system for hymns and music. There is a special running order paper (not included), because if I present the service I don't also do the music and the other chap who does the music doesn't do as much as me.

As ever, anyone can use anything allowed. If it doesn't say someone else authored it, then I did. I partly used a 1917 liturgy made modern to my preferences, and I made the rest up myself. In other words it is not only my structure, but much of it is my own material.

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