Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Latest Nonsense

Let's not miss this, coming from Nicholas Okoh with his cup of cocoa.

First of all, GAFCON is going to get a relaunch in 2012 in Jerusalem. It does seem to have become a case of nothing much happening from this entryist body, except it is going in a more multi-denominational direction. Perhaps it never gained the further support it needed within Anglicanism to apply any weight outside the ACNA split. So far it seems to be much of a nothing in the UK. Perhaps if they get some entryism going here we also might find "unruly" clergymen, whatever they may be.

A number of Nigerian hierarchs went to London on 16th February this year and saw the Archbishop of Canterbury. They want Anglican churches including some redundant ones to hand themselves over at times for Nigerian style worship. This is because, on coming to London and the rest of Britain, Nigerians prefer to go to charismatic and media style churches. So the Archbishop dived into action by asking for written proposals.

Dear Archbishop,

I note that Dingle-in-the-Bottom church isn't doing much on Sunday afternoons. Can a group of Nigerians have it for a couple of hours each Sunday, with a hiring of the kitchen, so that we can play some loud music? This is proposal number 1.


Nicky Okoh, from Pokey Poko, Nigeria.

Dear Nicky,

Good one. Contact the incumbent.

Respect to the Lord like.

Rowan the Boat


As comments make clear, and I didn't, the less than humorous side of this is the intended 'entryism' by setting up separate worshipping and oversight that would then be for more than just Nigerians.


mikeb said...

so he wants nigerian anglicans in the uk to worship on their own rather than joining in with the life and worship of a parish. what bit of anglicanism does he not get?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

The apple doesn´t fall too far from the tree ongoing saga:

Archbishop Peter Akinola *only* wanted TEC to donate space/make room for his especially *holy* and ¨lively/passionate¨flock of Nigerian-American immigrants when he started the poaching caper at the Diocese of Virginia/The Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion--of course the CANA schismatics are STILL in COURT after ++Akinola was assured ¨promising/quicklike outcomes¨ when attempting to take over TEC property that did not belong to CANA (or to his American anti LGBTI associates at Truro and Falls Church/etc)--later this month the final outcome of this hand-is-quicker-than-the-eye snatch and grab attempt will be revealed for ALL to see.

Hide the silver.

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

It is an attempt at entryism. In other words, their own Anglicanism, their own bishops, and for more than just Nigerians. I treated it with a certain light-heartedness.

Erika Baker said...

Anglicanism is quite flexible and already acommodates a range of worship styles.
I can understand that people who are used to spending their whole Sunday in church chatting, worshipping, singing and praying find our rigid 1 hour Service astonishing.
There can't really be any objection to their wanting to worship in the Anglican way they are used to.

The question is why that needs Bishops from Nigeria to talk to the Archbishop of Canterbuty and why they cannot just rent a church hall, for example.
You'd think that it would have been quite possible for a group of willing Nigerians to organise a meeting place of their own by now if they really had felt the need.

mikeb said...


i want them to join in and bring something to the party in their local parish. sure have a once monthly thing in that style but im really not fond of separation or in this case entryism.

Erika Baker said...

how is it different from having all the other established different expressions of worship in the CoE? It would just be a new form among a fair number that already exists.
Especially in towns there are not just parish churches, so I can't really see how it would be anything really new.

Erika Baker said...

where did you read about their own bishop?