Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Far Away Retreats

What is it about liberal Churches and far off retreats?

The Unitarians have one at Shapinsay, in Orkney (north of Kirkwall) at KW17 2DZ, and the Open Episcopal Church has gone even more remote to open a centre at about the end of April at the St Brendan Centre, Isle of Luing, PA34 4UD. It is in roughly a straight line from Glasgow to Port Glasgow and keep going, except that in Scotland there are no straight lines. Reverend Helen Hamilton will run the new centre. Just to confuse things (and me for a while) she also is available at an ecumenical retreat centre in a small, orcadian farmhouse, which stands on the hillside overlooking Scapa Flow. Lesley McKeown runs Haughland House, with a number of bookable events.


Pam Baker said...

To set the record straight, Rev. Helen Hamilton moved from Orkney to the Isle of Luing a few days ago. The Centre will be ready to receive visitors very soon.

The phone line was installed today but isn't working correctly. I'll post the number here when it has been fixed.

Pam Baker

Pam Baker said...

The St. Brendan Centre on the Isle of Luing finally has a working phone! The number is 01852 314007. Please try to restrict phone calls to between 6pm and 8pm. Emails are preferable and can be sent via this page on Helen's blog: http://helenpriestinthenorth.weebly.com/ You can also find us on Facebook at 'St. Brendan's Coracle'.

The cooker is due to be installed later this week, after which we will be able to welcome visitors.

Adrian, thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to publish this information on your blog.