Friday, 1 April 2011

The Ten Things I Love About The Anglican Communion

I know I have done these two blog entries the wrong way around. I've posted this first and then the explanation, because this will appear below the context of these comments.

I wasn't sure about ten, but I think I can do that in this given the slippery, fuzzy, all change situation I am in. I mean the Anglican Communion is:

  1. A witness to Jesus Christ;
  2. Avoids the inessentials in being a witness to Christ;
  3. Has a sensible approach to chief Presbyters - bishops - organising dioceses;
  4. Employs a geographical principle so that all can be asked to observe the faith;
  5. Gave the world a fabulous mixing of Catholic and Reformed (like the Old Catholics are after the event?);
  6. I still believe in tolerance in terms of welcoming and preparation, but only to meet where they are;
  7. The Catholics but especially the Evangelicals around the world have fed theology to and from different Churches
  8. It was spread by colonialism but became a critic of colonialism;
  9. It teaches the Romans against Churchy centralisation but also the Orthodox against separation;
  10. It is a ready, recognisable means by which Christians can assist other Christians from one part of the world to another.

These comments only make sense in the context of what appears above, what I have posted seconds after this entry.

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