Thursday, 7 August 2008

Another No

News Daily (Reuters) reports that the Anglican Church of Canada will almost certainly not stop its same sex blessings, not in New Westminster nor in dioceses where they may become more publically visible.

...the head of the Canadian church, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, told Reuters in a phone interview on Wednesday it would be especially tough for Bishop Michael Ingham of the British Columbia diocese of New Westminster to halt the homosexual blessings altogether.


Hiltz pointed out that the decision-making synods of four more Canadian dioceses have in the past year asked their bishops to authorize same-sex blessings.

The article also carries a quote from breakaway bishop Don Harvey (who ran off to the Southern Cone) that the Communion is in peril and will be in greater peril if the blessings don't stop. The question is whether he or any of them are likely to stop, and what the consequence is of joining a North America Province of GAFCON.

Yes, well we know that the communion is in peril and graver without a retrospective stop to these activities: it was what was said in the one-sided outcome of the Lambeth Conference.

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