Monday 4 August 2008

Liberal Cathedral

St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow (at G4 9JB), is "open, inclusive and welcoming". It is mother church to the united Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway in the Scottish Episcopal Church, which (at present) is in full membership of the world-wide Anglican Communion. It claims it follows a liberal theology and this means:

  • A ministry which is affirming, inclusive, open and non-judgemental.
  • Liturgical worship of a high standard.
  • Engagement in social concerns.
  • A commitment to links with other churches and faith communities.
  • A focal point for artistic energy and vision.
  • A place of spiritual calm and inspiration as well as spiritual excitement and challenge.

We are not on the selection committee; we are on the welcome committee, said a certain person on Sunday...

At present petrol prices Mad Priest must have spent £60 going to see Gene Robinson preside at the Eucharist and preach at Glasgow.

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