Friday, 29 August 2008


Well we need to wait and see on this one but GAFCON is a little delayed in its reporting of its own doings after Lambeth. It is not a Lambeth wobble, but I'd guess it is to do with creating a job of a Primates Council in more ordered terms than having that rather more obvious 'religious trotskyite' leadership structure, where an unofficial self-created core have gathered and decided things and not let themselves be deflected. The new structure might be more limited in scope. But if it is, then the informal part just becomes more shadowy in its wheeler dealings.

My guess further is to crowd out and make unnecessary the Pastoral Forum proposed by Rowan Williams and his own shadow Conference of actors behind the discussers. It will continue the effort to shift things from the Canterbury "centre" (that isn't) to themselves.

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Anonymous said...

This is getting a little "Holy Spirit-y", Adrian.