Saturday, 1 November 2008

Bishop of Fiff Speaks on Lay Presidency

Watcha mates. Bishop of Fiff 'ere, an' you all know me, an' I wanna react, right, to this guy down there in Sydney. Ah Sydney. See, now, like, we love this GAFCON con and like we agree with it an' the 'Oly Shitty Decoration abaht the Dirty-time Particles as yah basis of faith, just as yer John Henry Newman agreed with them in yer Farm Machinery 90. And that Arch toss up guy in Sydney, important mover and poker in GAFCON, innit - cause he's an Arch toss up and not some Moderator, because we have pissups don't we? And then representing the pissup in every diocese is the avin' a feast, who's the one at the crease, right? An' yer avin' a feast is always the bloke, right, an' not a bleedin' woman, but then we also only 'ave the avin' a feast in the crease doin' the ukulele feast, don't we, not the gaety or even your well lit beacons. So, like, if we're in GAFCON, then 'im in the old prison colony 'as to uphold the old Catholic order, like, and not let the gaity get their 'ands on doing the ukulele feast. I hope that's very wine and beer.

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