Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Back from an interview of substance, and I don't think I could have done better. I am quite pleased. The presentation was well appreciated, and my answers to questions followed on. The comment at the end from the main interviewer that "That was good" also reflected my view. The thing is that 10 or so minutes of presentation took hours and hours to prepare plus a lot of thinking before and during its construction. Well, I hope to re-enter the employment of that institution.

I see Episcopal Café has my robust piece in. Taking over the Church of England isn't my title but matches the fashion of what I wrote. The piece is as given with an added link to Wikipedia, I note, on the definition of Entryism. This piece, unlike my interview presentation, was written incredibly quickly, as in one go and a quick edit through, but that's only because I'd written several entries to my own blog here after this NEAC 2008 fiasco where, at least, a few Evangelicals started to see the Entryism involved. This Episcopal Café piece is different in so far as there is more reference to politics and a greater stress on failure as a motivator of entryism: failure of the host institution, failure of the broader reformers of the host institution, failure of the entryist group if they were completely reliant upon their own appeal. Conservative Evangelicals represent a tiny part of the Western Churches, like some throwback to a long dead past and intellectually defunct. Using African ballast and their own networking, they then come back into the Western Churches and via organising attempt to control or sideline other Evangelicals as their strategy to get at who they lump together as the Liberals. In this they have been helped by the present Archbishop and his Anglican Communion centralising tendency, his Romanesque view of the bishops of the Communion by dioceses as if in one worldwide Church. Anyway the wheels are coming off some of these wagons and it may be that all the Conservative Evangelicals manage to achieve is ruining the wider Evangelical constituency.

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Doorman-Priest said...

I read it at M.P's command. I thought it was an excellent piece.