Thursday 13 November 2008

Oops! Schism Leads to Schism!

Here are the words of one who is leaving The Episcopal Church. Perhaps he will be leaving GAFCON too...

Bishop Iker: Well, obviously lay presidency or diaconal presidency of the eucharist is not Anglican, and I regret to see them moving in that direction, because it does mean further division among the orthodox. That's not something that Anglicanism is able to accept or affirm. So in a sense, Sydney is causing a similar kind of tear in the fabric of the communion as the Episcopal Church did by moving ahead with ordaining a practising homosexual as bishop.

Oh dear. This is all from a Stand Firm in Faith interview by Greg Griffith.

Bishop Iker: I guess our primary difference is that Bishop Duncan may see this as kind of a second-order issue, but I see it [women's ordination] as a first-order issue. And we recognize that and are able to work together despite our difference.

...I'm in communion with him, and I'm in a state of
impaired communion with women he ordains to the priesthood. Obviously they're welcome in our churches, but not as celebrants of the eucharist.

...So that's maintaining the highest possible degree of communion. Forward in Faith in the UK has decided that if a bishop ordains a woman to the priesthood, that that's a cause for division, so they can't be in communion with a bishop who does that. That's more of a hard-line position than the one we've taken. There are priests in my diocese who would agree with that position, and
who are not at all happy with being part of a province that ordains women to the priesthood. But that's part of the reality of where we are: That to be in the Anglican Communion is to be part of a church where some do, and some don't.

Oh dear, this is not a good start and does not look too well for the future. I put the bold in. Cut cut chop chop.


Fr Craig said...

'that's part of the reality of where we are: That to be in the Anglican Communion is to be part of a church where some do, and some don't.'

Did he actually say this!!?? Does he know what 'hypocrisy' means?
Lord have mercy...

Anonymous said...

Isn’t Anglicanism birthed by schism with Roman Catholic Church. It can hardly point the finger can it?

Pluralist (Adrian Worsfold) said...

Didn't the Roman Catholic Church break with the Orthodox patriarchs. I mean!

Anonymous said...

They (RCC) may not point the finger either!

But they do.