Saturday, 17 January 2009

Follow up: The ACI Hymn

After the previous post, with yet more output from the Anglican Communion Institute, it's time for a good old hymn:

Guiding others, Ephraim Radner,
Pilgrim thinks a barren Church;
ACI, claims it is right and,
Orthodox without a search;
Keep on writing and accusing,
Wordprocess on for evermore;
Keep it up as if you'll never bore.

Spread this o'er the Anglican Communion,
Church order not folk below;
America, on to the website,
An usher of 'lectronic flow:
Heading Europe, over China,
Legging back across the ground
Be rest in computers where we're found.

Heterosexual, never homo:
Ministry and blessings same.
Obsessive 'sexts' repeated ever,
To intend ecclesial shame.
But the fact is, things are moving:
Holy Spirit, prophets' call:
Churches' time to include us all.

Over all the Anglican Communion
Autonomy is the key;
Diverse places, culturally managed,
Insights local and what needs be:
Western Churches, meet their people,
Minister to all and not just some:
Others can later do what these have done.

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