Wednesday, 21 January 2009

North America First

The Global Anglican Fugure Conference (GAFCON) website has had an update and the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) website has come into being.

As part of its goals the FCA claims:

The second goal is a consequence of the first. It is to provide aid to those faithful Anglicans who have been forced to disaffiliate from their original spiritual homes by false teaching and practice.

They need recognition and authentication. They need to be kept in the Anglican family. Obviously, it is the Primates' Council that is involved with this work, beginning with the situation in North America.

Ah, right. Where's next then?

The Primates Council is the self-selecting section of the Primates Meeting (soon meeting in February) that has decided to give power to itself, and will recognise the peculiar collection of bodies that make up (or will) the Anglican Church of North America, that would intend to replace other Anglican Churches, but is rather more likely to sail off into its own schismatic waters.

The breakaway weakens the perceived need and purpose of a Covenant among the remaining Communion, or pushes it towards a watering down (because of the time put into it and the saving face) and indeed allows the rest of the Communion to rebalance away from FCA/ ACNA and what it represents towards the Communion's earlier understandings of its voluntary and friendly gathering.

All of which means that FCA will regard its job as even more pressing in terms of its entryism elsewhere, and this now seems to involve other denominations:

We thank God that our work amongst Anglicans has already been an inspiration to people of other churches and denominations who are faced with similar struggles against a worldly Christianity.

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