Sunday, 18 January 2009

World News Latest

So Israel, after knocking the shit out of Gaza, declares its own ceasefire. Presumably nothing to do with the timing of the otherwise financially bankrupted nation that bankrolls Israel and gave it the nod? Down in the land of the Bible, where satellite religious stations have got excited some more about the coming End, the abused into the ghetto abuses even more, as it has for so long, and then the new abused can't live in any sense of peace, and anyway ups its own militancy when what's left of the strip of land is razed to load of rubble.

Those Fathers of the United States were very far seeing. An appalling Presidency is now forced by its country's own law to come to an end, and what a disaster he has been. We had to rely on the internal machinations of a party machine to remove the poodle, now scurrying around with great ineffect in the Middle East because the boss gave the nod for a bit of a clean up before he left. I bet Blair was pleased to receive his dog medal given personally and I'm only surprised Bush didn't give him a kiss. I bet Tony enjoyed it, like when I eat the chocolate money you can buy at Lidl.

Meanwhile, good news on the UK financial front. Some 824 (not chocolate) staters have been found in a broken jar in a field in Suffolk and valued by an archaeologist at worth between half and million and a million pounds sterling equivalent in its day. Obviously those Celts of the day (the tribe also lived where I live) didn't trust the banks at the time, sticking them in a jar in the ground, and one can understand it because inflation means the haul isn't worth that much today, though someone will get rich according to treasure trove rules. Me, I'm reduced to free entries on television competitions that give away money - well, once or twice.

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