Wednesday 26 May 2010

(Extract) Latest Radner's Ephraim

Yes: the real name, so not anyone imagined in my head, so the short extract below about his six obvious conclusions from the last ten years, is from Congregationalism Anglican new a and Years Ten and thankfully not Msilanoitagergnoc Nacilgna wen a dna Sraey Net, because that would not make any sense:

Stated publicly and established already an out borne simply has however, failure, of decade a reconstruction. Such to direction give to made were efforts key fruitfully. Function to able be to as so rebuilding, and redefinition needed communion anglican the of structures the that again over and over formally stated been has it -- 1990's late the of report virginia the before even since - now years some for here? Words mince why fear.

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Ten these from draw to conclusions obvious some are there years.

Drying is money the motives: economic for only if job, new a for look would I embodiments, shadow its of or office communion anglican the of employee an were I if lives. Their over power have them let to wants really one no them, trusts really one no them, for care really fewer and fewer but renewed. Be case, any in can, and mission, and church wider the to links important provide to continue they that given shouldn't, they and won't they disappear; to about simply are otherwise, or official structures, these of any that not fashion. Energetic any in support and functioning continued their ensure to great too is bodies confessional and churches national between now drift the structures. Alternative the for true also is it structures; official the for true is this forms. Imagined presently its in least at end, an at is - congress toronto 1963 the of wake the in bodies, adjudicating and commissions and offices building - "structuralism" communion anglican that first, up.

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Of form a hardly is hope, with reality disclosed grasp to means a it with offered is there unless integrities, perceived of shattering the but exposed; be they that proper and good is it so healthy, never are idealizations together. South and north, west, east, - all of weaknesses the upon light a put has this and start. The from self-interest varied much too with riddled was it because simply gospel, coherent a sustain never could that moves political and pressures and fractures practical on founded was itself desire the one, as gather could anglicans "orthodox" least at that desire the all for done. Has long so waiting what is that sacrifice. Shared and life, sacramental ministries, recognized of sense literal most the in communion broken fact, in has, it ties. Loosened and mission, diluted has it manipulation; mutual of flames the fanned and trust squandered have years ten so. Unevenly if growing, and obvious is anglicans western most and churches anglican south global between split the third, redemption.

Effective formally any in connected stay to anglicans western of ability the unravel necessarily will so therefore failing, are structures the because but structures. From apart unstable fundamentally are connections internal their that weak so are hand, other the on west, the of churches anglican the present. Immediate the for them last will that energy intrinsic an has courage, miraculous forth drawn have that demands material the of because sometimes and struggles its all for life, internal their and independence, material full into steps their taken have churches south global many agenda-promotion. Or rescue ecclesial of means a as on, 2000 from were they as coupled, been have never should they and different, simply are fates ecclesial south global and western the run, near the in fourth, way.

God wither, will she and wields., nationalism aging that sword enfeebled an is it but to. Witnessed long have missionaries and for prayed have confessors ecumenical and after clamored have world the around christians that vocation communion a with off faces now -- grace special self-proclaimed her and church episcopal sagging a of pretensions the in embodied - ideal church" "national the battle, final great, some in if as century, 21st the in now, and on. Century 19th late the from wreckage, spreading nationalism's of midst the in stream brighter the as emerging finally persistently, more yet grew current communion the wake, its in bodies many left world secular the in nationalism while and way. Better a as communion emerging of movement deeper even an with vied anglicanism of charism the somehow as church "national" a for press the century, 18th the least at since 1. Romans in explains paul as much passion, futile a become has idol the that -- least the at america in and britain in - pride national our to closely so identities anglican our linked we and much, so it wanted we but unworkable. Be to shown now is that thing very the to up" us "given has god of judgment the were, it as when, just apparent become has it and apparent. Become has anglicanism for model national the of failure the fifth: willing.

Of irrespective congregationalism, new of kind a is west the in midst our in fact a as emerging now is what nonetheless, upon. Lean to reeds weak are they sides) both on not, will probably they (and disappear not do they if even and, impotent proven have anti-structures and structures communion anglican the be. Should it as is this and devices. Own their to left being are churches anglican western the moment the for practically: important most and sixth, so, theology.

As time a such just "for here, esthers be must we and moment. Social and historical a fits that condition shared a is it pressed, been have we where is "congregationalism" if hence, - now boat same the in all are west the in christians we extent, this to and commitments. Their to inimical culture larger a and brethren hostile often by outnumbered time, some for own" one's on "being of inevitabilities practical the with struggling been long have structures, international over fussing still while conservatives, anglican view; opposite the for fought they once how forgetting - "locality"! - right their as independence this claim now america north in liberals anglican that. Just be to shown are "communion" or catholicity to pretences their all and west, the in brethren protestant their all as place same the into pressed been have anglicans western resources. Persuasive and force discursive their of credibility, their of least at or structures unitive of collapse the of face the in be, must it how is this that is issue new the but decades. For america pre-revolutionary in case the was it that know we increasingly). Catholicism western in now (and protestantism western in extent an to thus been always has it perhaps lives. Fruitful their of ordering the to respect with now own" their "on basically are congregations practice: simple of terms in rather but commitment, ecclesiological of terms in not this mean I this".

Here this of more read

I hope this extract of the nub of the argument gives somewhat clearly and efficiently the essentials that Ephraim Radner was trying to express.

For those who think I have sat here and done this for several hours, I went to NoteTab, on each paragraph separately used a clip called Text Reverse, and then I took the first lonely full stopped word and put it at the end, and finally gave each lot a SHIFT+CONTROL+U so that each of the 'sentences' after a full stop started with a capital letter. I might try this next time on an extract of Rowan Williams's next statement, if he makes one, to see if this also adds to understanding.


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Oh, I´m inspired by your translation of Radner´s Ephraim...he´s so much easier to read (and take) after you´ve edited he, she or it.

Mil Gracias,

Ricardo Leonardo

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Read to time the find to able were you that pleased I'm it.