Monday, 10 May 2010

New Content on the Website

The next In Depth Theology Group paper is now available. We were going to meet on 11th May but it has been postponed a week to the 18th. It is a survey of evangelicalism today. The material about reaction and resistance as such will come in two months, I think, following material on the Oxford Movement. I say this but life is in flux and this evening I took home papers that are demanding regular payment into this church and a visit (presumably to pressurise to sign on the dotted line). I'm afraid that whilst I am prepared to sort of shuffle up at the back, or occasionally offer some 'work' and benefit, I don't support what the church stands for sufficiently to be pressurised into such payment, and may have to withdraw. The sots of religion I support are as this. The church wants some £69,000 a year from regular live giving and I reckon it has a regular congregation of somewhere like a hundred people to draw upon, perhaps a bit less. This means everyone should be giving £20 a week.

Also available is a presentation I gave at a job interview last week to the University of Lincoln. This was followed by questions and then a separate interview that lasted the advertised 45 minutes if not longer.

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