Monday 10 May 2010

New Content on the Website

The next In Depth Theology Group paper is now available. We were going to meet on 11th May but it has been postponed a week to the 18th. It is a survey of evangelicalism today. The material about reaction and resistance as such will come in two months, I think, following material on the Oxford Movement. I say this but life is in flux and this evening I took home papers that are demanding regular payment into this church and a visit (presumably to pressurise to sign on the dotted line). I'm afraid that whilst I am prepared to sort of shuffle up at the back, or occasionally offer some 'work' and benefit, I don't support what the church stands for sufficiently to be pressurised into such payment, and may have to withdraw. The sots of religion I support are as this. The church wants some £69,000 a year from regular live giving and I reckon it has a regular congregation of somewhere like a hundred people to draw upon, perhaps a bit less. This means everyone should be giving £20 a week.

Also available is a presentation I gave at a job interview last week to the University of Lincoln. This was followed by questions and then a separate interview that lasted the advertised 45 minutes if not longer.

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