Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Independent: RIP

The Independent newspaper is no longer Independent. Its Tory hobnobbing Oligarch owner Evgeny Lebedev has leant on it. The lead opinion is stupid, because as well as being contradictory, it wants a Lib-Dem coalition again that is more Liberal and less Conservative. But given the hammering coming to the Liberal Democrats, such a coalition is likely to be more Conservative and less Liberal, plus the bad blood of the election and coalition experience for the Lib Dems will affect the operation of such a future government.

There is more sense in the speculation that Miliband and Clegg would form a coalition even if it didn't make a majority so as to make numbers over the Tories and add legitimacy to a government that the SNP could hardly vote down. That's if Clegg wins his seat, and perhaps it would be better if it didn't in order to have someone else in the Lib Dem driving seat for such an arrangement.

Anyway, newspapers matter less than they think. Thankfully.

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