Sunday 9 September 2007

Computer Dies: New Creation Writes

I am currently setting up a new computer, a build that contains the old drive as a slave and had data left on. What a job it is building it in the fashion needed to run interconnecting programs and have them laid out in start menu folders according to my preferences and not trade names and general desktop chaos. In the course of setting up and loading the operating system, the drive renamed itself leaving the operating system unfound and a blank screen. I had to learn a lot very quickly.

I'm up and running now, with so much more to do however, and mistakes and problems along the way. My first actual output is a paper for the St Mary's Barton-on-Humber In Depth Group about non-exclusive spirituality, to be incorporated into another presentation, read out or ignored by the effective leader of the group. Non-exclusive Christianity is his own bias, one that I share.

The work was typed and text processed on this computer, but hand-made into HTML and uploaded on to the website from the other computer that has been running nicely since 1998. The one that went pop was purchased from a crook, as I discovered earlier, and who shut down his shop some time back but carries on trading from a pick up and set down point. So I was back there last week, pointing out the details of his crookery.

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